Grand Opening - cannon's events - brunswick, maryland

September 10, 2022, was a big day for the little town of Brunswick—the place I call home. I am so honored and happy to have been able to attend the event and document Cannon's Events Grand Opening in Brunswick, Maryland. Once a fire station, this historic building was converted to an award-winning craft brewery (Smoketown Brewing Station) with Cannon's Events being a separate space above. The name Cannon was chosen by the owners as homage to the creator of the property, Sonny Cannon.

In the late 1940's Sonny financed this fire station in Brunswick, under the condition that the second floor be a dedicated event space to host community events. Parties, weddings, dances, and even concerts with the likes of Patsy Cline and Duke Ellington were held in this space! For more than half a century, this property in downtown Brunswick was a beloved place where the community came together. The owners of Cannon’s Events wanted to continue Sonny’s legacy by restoring a space in Brunswick where people could gather.

The grand opening was a real hit and the proceeds from the ticket sales went to the local volunteer fire department. The venue had stunning up lighting that really emphasized the grandness of the space. Delicious food trucks (Crazy Dave's Pizza and the Old Fireman's BBQ and Catering Company) were on hand ready to serve guests. The beer from Smoketown was plentiful.

Ticket holders to Cannon's Events Grand Opening were treated to an array of live music! The event started with smooth and timeless music from Sweet Something Jazz. Following them was an international touring rockabilly band, Sean K. Preston. The Grand Opening concluded with a tribute performance to Patsy Kline by Katie Deal.

If you can’t tell, I am emotionally invested in this place. Cannon's Events is in the town I’ve chosen to plant my family roots. Because of this, I know this area better than any other! I photograph here often, and I know all the gems this town has to offer. To name a few, Cannon’s Events is located near the C&O Canal, which is a great location along the Potomac River for outdoor photos. The downtown area features Americana architecture with charm, perfect for a more urban background setting. There are also local small parks, big beautiful fields, and a cute little train station—all great for photos. You can get a little glimpse of what to expect at Cannon's Events from this blog, which took place before some of the newer renovations and grand opening.

If you are having a wedding or event and are looking for a unique space in Frederick County, add Cannon's Events to your list of places to consider. Either way, come to Brunswick and check out all the things our small town has to offer. 

Cannon's Event space with blue uplighting.
Event space with blue uplighting at Cannon's Events.
Band preforming in Cannon's Event space.
Cannon's Event space with red uplighting while guest sit.
Guest sitting in Cannon's Event space with red uplighting.
Cannon Family tribute at Cannon's Events
Old photo of Cannon's Events history
Table display at Cannon's Events.
Table display at Cannon's Events.
Old newspaper on display at Cannon's Events.
Old newspaper displayed at Cannon's Events.
Old emergency vehicle lights at Cannon's Events.
Flower arrangement on a rustic barrel at Cannon's Events.