Wedding Photography - cannon's events - brunswick, maryland

I'm going to let you in on a unique and amazing venue. Cannon's Events in Brunswick, Maryland, is celebrating their grand opening this weekend, September 10, 2022! Cannon's Events is located near the Potomac River and C&O Canal. They are located right in the heart of historic downtown Brunswick. Cannon's Events is housed in what was once the town's fire station and hall. Now it's a local award-winning brewery, and a brand new event space. This historic building hosted many events in Brunswick over the years, such as bingo, dances, and even concerts with the likes of Patsy Cline! It's been through a massive evolution from a firehall into a craft brewery and event space.

The top floor is where Cannon's Events is located. It is a newly renovated 8,000 square foot event space. The venue can hold up to 600 occupants and is full of charm, history, and character. If you're thinking of getting married in Frederick County this space should be on your radar!

The main floor is Smoketown Brewing Station which opened in 2015. If you like craft beer, it's worth a visit. It is our favorite brewery! Their second location is Smoketown Creekside which opened in Frederick, Maryland in 2019. That location is right in the heart of Frederick off of Carroll Creek.

OK... now to the fun part! We were really honored to capture this wedding. This event took place before the grand opening in 2022. Maybe it was a soft opening of sorts. Either way, I'm just so happy we got to experience this special wedding, because it wasn't supposed to be us!

The couple had a photographer, but they fell ill. They chatted with some friends and thankfully Brunswick is a small town, so they stumbled across our information. The bride was a bartender for the brewery and the groom is a Brunswick local with family that celebrated in the old firehall throughout the years. The location of the wedding was very special to the family. They got permission from the amazing owners of Smoketown Brewing Station to be the first wedding hosted in the event space!

Since the wedding venue is conveniently located close to the C&O Canal, we took advantage of what nature had to offer for couple portraits. It was freezing that day and the couple were such troopers! Luckily, we were able to venture along the trail without being too far from the warmth of a vehicle.

Before the couple was introduced at the reception, the wedding party and close family had some private time in the brewery on the main level. From there, the party moved back upstairs for dinner, dancing, and dessert provided by a local catering company and Hive Cake Shop. The couple celebrated and mingled.

We ended our coverage with capturing a group photo of the bride, groom, and all their guest.

I'm absolutely stoked to get back to Cannon's Events space soon!

Wedding dress hangs on red door Brunswick, Maryland.
Groom fixes tie before ceremony in Brunswick, Maryland.
Bride with happy tears in Brunswick, Maryland.
Bride gets dress zipped up in Brunswick, Maryland.
Groom sits on brick steps in Brunswick, Maryland.
Bride comes down the wood stairs in Brunswick, Maryland.
Bridesmaids react at first look of the bride in Brunswick, Maryland.
Bride stands behind husband at base of brick steps in Brunswick, Maryland.
Bride and groom nuzzle heads while standing on the sidewalk in Brunswick, Maryland.
Bride and groom kiss in front of brick steps in Brunswick, Maryland.
Groom embraces bride from behind in front of brick steps in Brunswick, Maryland.
Front entrance for Cannon's Events.
Front entrance to Cannon's Events.
Wedding banner at entrance of Cannon's Events
Wedding glasses on a table at Cannon's Events